Capability Driven Testing

Today's information system attacks are radically different from those more traditional threats faced by organisations in the past. Utilising firewalls to fend off network attacks, or installing antivirus to defend against malware, no longer addresses the real world risks faced by those doing business today. This is where Capability Driven Testing (CDT) comes in.

A recent trend has been for more targeted attacks, aimed at directly affecting an organisation's bottom-line. With those behind them having specific business goals in mind, such as the theft of customer data or IP, or the stealing of business plans. In the face of such threats, organisations must be willing to adopt new ways to test the effectiveness of their in-place security.

CDT exercises are carefully crafted to explicitly test an organisation's operational detection and response capability right across the board. Thereby helping to effectively identify any operational security gaps, and help in the design and implementation of effective detection capability and attack countermeasures.

In any given attack, there are a number of tasks an attacker must conduct in order to be successful: Each of these steps is now being referred to in the security industry as the 'Intrusion Kill Chain'. Certainly Red Team Testing will touch on some areas of the Kill Chain which more traditional Penetration Testing does not; CDT exercises, however, are crafted to explicitly test operational detection and response capability across every aspect of the Kill Chain.

Insomnia has designed and developed its CDT exercises to provide organisations with up-to-date, 'real world', highly effective attack simulations, with each exercise individually crafted for, and fully customisable to, the organisation. Such exercises allow for the effective identification of operational security gaps, and can provide assistance in the design and implementation of effective detection capability and attack countermeasures.

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