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Insomnia Security is a New Zealand based company dedicated to providing highly specialised information security consultancy services to our customers. With offices in Auckland and Wellington, as well as global partners around the world, we are well positioned to assist our customers with their IT security requirements.

Insomnia was founded in 2007 by IT security specialist Brett Moore with the aim of bringing together a team of highly skilled, technically focussed, and uncompromising security professionals. Insomnia Security currently has a team of over fifteen full time technical staff, supported by a management team in both the Auckland and Wellington offices.

Insomnia is a company whose services are based around information security; with a difference. We specialise in researching new and recently disclosed vulnerabilities, pushing the boundaries of modern network and application security testing. More than just using the publically available information related to security vulnerabilities, our team conducts independent research to discover new vulnerabilities that could affect our customers' systems.

The confidentiality of our clients is a paramount priority, and as such we do not publicly disclose the identity of our customers; however specific industry references may be available upon request.

Insomnia Security works with a wide range of customers from small businesses through to large enterprise organisations. We regularly perform work for customers locally and overseas, in such industries as;

  • Aerospace and Transportation
  • Banking, Finance, and Payment systems
  • E-commerce and online retailing
  • Large software and hardware vendors
  • Local council and government
  • Media and Broadcasting
  • Telecommunications, Mobile Communications and Development

Insomnia Staff

Working with the administrative team, Insomnia's technical team consists of 24 full time members, including nine principal consultancy members with well over 40 years combined commercial information security experience. Details on Insomnia Security staff members can be found here.

Insomnia Partners

Insomnia Security partners with a range of specialist providers allowing us to extend the range of services and products we can offer.

Some of these include:

Global Partners

Local Partners

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