Crest Membership

In May 2013, Insomnia Security became the first local security testing company to become an accredited member of CREST, the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers. This certification organisation originated in the UK government CHECK programme as a requirement for companies supplying security testing services to the UK government and later adopted by financial organisations. The Australian division was formed in 2012, with Insomnia Security as a leading supporter of this initiative in Australasia. CREST certification status is recognised accross territories, and New Zealand organisations certified by CREST Australia are able to transfer their membership once an independent New Zealand division becomes operational.

When engaging a CREST Approved organisation, you can be confident that the work will be carried out by qualified individuals with up to date knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers, backed up by a company with appropriate methodologies for the secure storage and protection of your data.

About CREST Australia

The foundation of CREST Australia was made possible by a generous one-off grant from the Commonwealth of Australia's Attorney General's Department. CREST (Aust) Ltd, a not for profit company limited by guarantee, runs CREST Australia on behalf of member companies and provides assessment, accreditation, certification, education and training in cyber and information security for individuals and corporate entities and promotes the provision of high quality, best practice information security services according to its company constitution.


CREST (and its predecessor CHECK) certification in the United Kingdom has for several years been widely regarded as the preeminent standard for information security testers, and now it will be in Australia too. CREST certified information security professionals are at the top of their profession and have passed a demanding examination process as well as background vetting.


The companies that CREST certified individuals work for (known as CREST Approved companies) have subjected themselves to audit and scrutiny by CREST Australia, and have signed up to the CREST code of conduct. For a full list of companies, visit

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