Wireless Security Review

Wireless technologies extend the network perimeter outside of the corporate office, and are an often overlooked entryway into an organisation's network. Accessible from the car park and sometimes the building across the road, wireless networks are often not as secure as the internet perimeter.

Wireless security reviews involve not only testing Wireless Access Points, but include the entire wireless infrastructure - Access Points, enterprise controllers, backhaul networks, client systems as well as unauthorised access points on the wired network.

The security of wireless networks is a significant challenge - even if you do not operate an official corporate wireless network, your client systems, users and offices almost certainly use wireless technologies daily.


  • Design & Architecture review
  • Wireless Infrastructure / Access Point review
  • Centralised / Enterprise controller review
  • Wireless client configuration review
  • Authentication lifecycle review (e.g. certificate enrollment, PKI chain and revocation for EAP-TLS networks)
  • Detection of rogue or unauthorised access points on wired networks
  • Wireless IDS/IPS review and response testing
  • Pre-authentication attacks against wireless infrastructure (e.g. captive authentication portals, DNS information leakage, DNS tunneling)
  • Review of interaction between the wireless and wired networks
  • Physical deployment review

Full service descriptions, methodologies and sample reports are available upon request

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